How To Animate An Annotation In Camtasia

    Every video I have here on this site is made with Camtasia (For Mac)…and even after 2 versions of Camtasia for Mac and more than a year later it seems that I’m still learning how to do different things with it. In this video you’ll see my latest trick – which is animating […]


Blog Diary – Entry 2; New Theme And Site Design Rant

Man, it seems like progress has been really slow. But you know blogging is kind of that way. At times it seems like things are going very slowly but then when you stop and look back, you can actually see how much you’ve accomplished over time. And, you can also see just how good you […]

22 Internet Marketing Tips: Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Long Ago

Can we really ever get enough internet marketing tips? This is not an end all list by any stretch. It’s a great list anyway of things I wish someone had told me when I first started out online. Creating a business plan or at least developing a working plan for your website is not only […]

Multitasking – Is It Productive?

  If you spend much time on my blog, you’ll probably figure out pretty quickly that I mostly write about things that I experience myself. This blog post talks about my 3 biggest obstacles…me, myself and I. I thought I was supposed to be good at multitasking. That’s what they told me in corporate America, […]

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Blog Diary – Entry 1; The History Of

I left corporate America in 2006 and started a handyman business. In 2010 I started a handyman website and began writing how-to, tips and tricks articles for homeowners everywhere.