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Phil Vandermeer is an entrepreneur residing in Princeton, New Jersey. In 2006, he purchased the domain and launched his first Youtube channel with the same name, thus creating his personal brand.. a simple contraction of his name.

He built his first business, Thousand Hills Properties, in 2007 as a handyman, before taking his business online in 2010 with his first website: Your Dallas Handyman.

In 2012, Phil launched his first online course, which teaches others how to pursue financial freedom through simple, small business concepts.

Today, Phil Is creating educational material for young entrepreneurs through a network of personal, financial and business resources he has developed through the years.

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Thank you for the excellent information provided.  The start-up manual and how to videos helped us start our business with the kids.  Our children were able to follow along and practice as well.  Then we did what you said and got started!  Thanks for your support. - Mark from Frisco

I love the information you have provided...  Excellent way to create a business from a business. You have done well, and covered most, if not all bases.  Thank you! - Kelley from Orlando

Phil has demonstrated thorough knowledge, expert detail, and excellent work ethics in every aspect of work performed. I would recommend Phil for any work in which one would expect the very best results, as he will favorably produce excellent results. A definite "go to guy" ... - Rebecca from Palmer

Phil demonstrates a high level of integrity in his business as well as personal relationships. As a good listener, Phil gleans your needs rapidly then communicates them back to you, assuring you of mutual and agreeable understanding. Phil and I undertook a project mid-2009 which involved some analysis and budgeting and was 100% successful thanks to his desire to meet expectations and satisfying the customer - David from Dallas