How To Paint a Black & White Curb Number 

Painting a curb number is pretty easy with a few tools and just a little know-how. You can also make really good money by adding a little hustle. In this video, you'll see me paint a clean, easy to see curb number in about 15 minutes (edited so the video is about 6 minutes long).


Once you've done a few curb numbers, you can rely on it for quick money whenever the weather permits it. I have used curb painting as a marketing tool for a bigger business: handyman services.

I've pulled in jobs like hanging new doors, installing thermostats, gutter cleaning and broken window repair from painting curbs. In one of my best days, I've earned over $200 painting curbs. On average, I have worked just a few hours and earned well over a hundred dollars for my effort.

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Free information on starting a curb painting business: Curb Number

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Find curb numbering tools and supplies here:

If you want to paint address numbers on your curb, it's not rocket science, but business building does require a little know-how. Get educated and get busy. You can visit my website dedicated to curb number painting with re-useable numbering stencils.


Serial entrepreneur and online educator, Phil Vandermeer is the author of multiple web properties and online courses.

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