Multitasking - Is It Really Productive? 

In this video I discuss multitasking and how effective it really is. You may be surprised!


Since the nineties, scientists have done a lot of research on the human brain capabilities of multitasking, and while it presents somewhat of a practical dilemma, it has been proven that at our best, humans can actually perform more than one task at a time. There are problems though. 

Our attention seems to divert back and forth between tasks and the result can be that we are unable to perform each individual task with any efficiency.When trying to multitask, our brains need to pause, even slightly, in order to re-focus on a second task. So instead of focusing continually on one thing, we switch back and forth between things, and that leaves a lot of room for errors, inefficiency and brain drain.

Also, when multi-tasking, our brains cannot fully focus on each task fully, and so we often require a lot more time to do each thing. Simply put, people can't multi task very well.

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